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Is Your Car Battery Due for Replacement?

A car battery doesn’t last forever, and many people get stranded because of this. Batteries will sometimes give you a warning that it’s going to die. But in most cases, when you go out to start your car in the morning, all you get is a click.

The average car battery lasts about four years. But the temperature, how many accessories you use while driving, how far you drive each time you get in the vehicle, and other factors contribute to the average lifespan of a car battery. 

How Often Should You Replace Your Vehicle’s Battery?

Is Your Car Battery Due for Replacement? | Little Wolf Automotive in Waupaca, WI. Image of a mechanic discharging the car battery and repairing the car.

It’s hard to tell when the best time for car battery replacement is. This is because of people’s different driving habits, fluctuating temperatures, and the number of accessories used. Even the brand of the battery affects how long the battery lasts.

Generally, most batteries have a four-year warranty. However, a battery could last several years past the warranty or could die before the warranty runs. 

The best rule is to pay attention to warning signs or have a mechanic at Little Wolf Automotive check the battery every time you bring your vehicle to our shop.

Signs You Need a Car Battery Replacement

Should you replace your car battery before it dies? Absolutely! Some of the warning signs you need a battery replacement include:

  • Trouble getting the vehicle to start. If the amperage in the battery is too low, it won’t have enough to turn the starter. You might hear the starter drag or click a time or three before the vehicle starts. At Little Wolf Automotive in Waupaca, WI, we can check to ensure the issue is with the battery, alternator, or starter.
  • Watch the vehicle’s lights. If they seem to dim or blink on and off, you could have a problem with the battery. Your headlights might also seem dimmer or turn on and off. You could also have issues with the sound system and other accessories.
  • Poor winter performance. If the starter seems more sluggish in winter and your battery is at least three years old, it could signify that the battery is going to die. The cold weather could significantly affect the battery, so it’s best to have a Little Wolf Automotive technician check it.
  • Rotten eggs smell. If you smell sulfuric acid, the battery might be leaking. That is a sure sign that you need to replace the battery. This is generally not an issue unless the alternator overcharges the battery. In such a case, the problem is with the alternator. If the alternator overcharges the battery for too long or if the battery is older, the overcharging could destroy the battery.

How Winter Aggravates the Condition of a Dying Battery

If the battery is weak, you should replace it as soon as possible, especially during the cold weather.

Cold temperatures drain batteries. The cold affects how the batteries’ chemicals work to provide the electricity needed to start the vehicle. If your battery is older, the cold will affect it more. 

At What Percentage Should a Car Battery Be Replaced? 

It’s not a matter of percentage. It’s a matter of how much voltage and amperage the battery can hold and for how long. If you notice any warning signs above, it’s better to replace the battery immediately.

At Little Wolf Automotive in Waupaca, WI, our auto technicians can check your vehicle’s battery and replace it if necessary. Call our full-service auto repair shop at (715) 258-0200. We are conveniently located at 225 S Western Ave, Waupaca, WI 54981.