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Stolze’s Wausau Tire and Auto in Wausau, WI

Stolzes Wausau Tire and Auto LLC, now part of Little Wolf Automotive, provides auto repair and maintenance services in Wausau, WI and surrounding areas

You’ll be hard-pressed to find the quality services our auto mechanics provide—the same quality you receive from Little Wolf Automotive. It’s simply a perfect pairing.

Services We Offer in Wausau, WI

Our services at Stolzes Wausau Tire and Auto LLC include the following:

Auto AC Repair

Have your auto heater and air conditioner checked, typically every spring and fall. Properly maintaining your heating & AC system dramatically reduces the risk of malfunctions.

If your car AC is low on refrigerant, we’ll top it off at Stolzes Wausau Tire and Auto. We’ll look for refrigerant leaks. We do a comprehensive inspection to catch some issues before they happen instead of waiting to be troubled on the road.

Vehicle Diagnostics

The check engine light is one way your vehicle tells you something can be wrong with your engine. But a check engine light that’s turned on can be tricky to interpret. Sometimes, your car seems to drive normally, even with an illuminated check engine light. Other times, it runs poorly or won’t start at all.

At Stolzes Wausau Tire and Auto, we have tools to diagnose your check engine light issues and other trouble codes. Contact our shop, and have our mechanics diagnose and repair the problem before it leads to additional issues.

Electrical Repair

The more complex your vehicle’s electrical systems, the more wiring it will have. For illustration, a car with automatic braking, cruise control, and all the cameras required for park assist and automatic braking has more wires than a 1969 Camaro.

When your vehicle has wiring or problems with the battery or alternator, don’t hesitate to reach out to Stolzes Wausau Auto Repair. Our auto technicians have the experience, expertise, and equipment to track down and fix the problem.

Transmission Services

You can maintain and keep your transmission running with fluid flushes and filter changes. But sometimes, the clutches and several wear-and-tear parts will eventually fail, no matter how well your transmission is maintained.

Our auto technicians at Stolzes Wausau Auto Repair not only do transmission maintenance. We can also do transmission repair or replace any worn transmission parts (including clutches and slave cylinders).

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Other Auto Care & Repair Services

Get Professional Auto Repair Services in Wausau, WI

When you bring your vehicle to Stolzes Wausau Tire and Auto LLC, you can trust that you will receive honest and reliable services. Our certified and skilled mechanics have the expertise and experience to handle domestic and import cars, vans, and trucks of various makes and models.

Call us at (715) 845-0005 for inquiries or an appointment. You can also visit our shop or direct the tow truck to drop off your vehicle at 201 Central Bridge Street, Wausau, WI 54401.