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Keep Your Car Battery from Dying in Cold Weather

The cold is brutal on your vehicle’s battery. As temperatures get lower, the battery works harder to start the car. That’s because the cold saps the charging capacity. 

At 32°F, the battery’s capacity decreases by 20%. At -22°F, the capacity further drops by 50 percent. 

You can learn how to preserve a car battery or prevent it from freezing by taking specific actions. These include testing the battery and replacing it if necessary. It would be best to do so before the weather gets too cold. 

Here are some tips for your car battery this coming winter.

Keep Your Car Battery from Dying in Cold Weather | Little Wolf Automotove in Waupaca, WI. Image of a car technician replacing a dead car battery in winter conditions.

Check the Battery’s Condition

First, you must have a battery that is in good condition. If a battery is older, it will not hold a charge unless you take it out every night and bring it inside. 

That’s a hassle but doable. It will still not work when your car sits outside all day while you work. You’ll eventually come out with a dead battery. 

The mechanics at Little Wolf Automotive in Waupaca, WI can test your battery to see if it is on its last leg. We’ll also check for corrosion and loose cables. These things create a lot of resistance which makes starting your vehicle harder.

Park Inside 

After checking your battery, let’s discuss preserving it in winter. One is to park your vehicle inside, away from the harsh, cold elements.

Not everyone has the luxury of parking in a garage at work or home. But if you can, do so, as it can protect your vehicle from ground moisture and reduces corrosion and wind chill.

Drive the Vehicle

You should drive the vehicle for at least 20 minutes at least twice weekly during the winter. A good ride charges the battery. The drive should be long enough to prevent the idling of your vehicle.

When idling, the alternator does not charge as strongly as when the vehicle is running. Taking short trips is just as bad as idling. The battery never fully recharges, shortening battery life in winter.

Use a Battery Tender

If you make only short trips during the winter, attach a battery tender to the battery. It knows when the battery is full and will shut itself off.

On the contrary, don’t use a trickle charger. If you do, remember to unplug it when the battery is fully charged. 

Purchase an AGM Battery

While AGM batteries are still susceptible to cold, cold temperatures do not affect them as much as lead batteries. AGM batteries also discharge slower and charge faster than lead batteries.

Contact Little Wolf Automotive for Car Battery Services in Waupaca, WI 

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