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Reliable Auto Brake Service

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While the safety systems in today’s vehicles constantly improve to help prevent accidents and save lives, the brakes remain the most critical system.

If they are not working correctly, you can’t stop, and many safety systems (such as automatic braking) will not work. 

You should check your vehicle’s brakes frequently. It should be as often as every six months (for the first year after you replace them) to every three months (during the second and subsequent years).

We’ll check them when you bring your vehicle to Little Wolf Automotive’s full-service auto repair shop or Express Lube in Waupaca, WI. You don’t need an appointment to check the brakes or for brake repair at our express lube locations.

Benefits of Little Wolf Auto:

Common Brake Problems

You should replace your brakes as soon as possible when they wear out. Not only is it safer. It also costs less for brake repair if you don’t wait. 

If the brake pads get too low, the tab that notifies you of the low brakes will score the rotors to the point where a mechanic cannot turn them. You’ll have to purchase new rotors.

Common brake repair signs include:

Noisy Brakes

When the brake pads become worn, the metal tab extends over the top of the pad and scrapes the rotor. This causes a squealing or grinding noise. Manufacturers design the pads like this so that you have an audible warning to take your vehicle to a certified auto technician for brake repair.

If you wait, not only does the tab scrape the rotors. The metal backing behind the pad starts to scrape the rotors, causing too much damage to turn them. 

If the brakes grind instead of a squeal, you need to bring the vehicle to our full auto repair service center in Waupaca, WI  as soon as possible. The grinding is the backing plate rubbing on the rotors.

Shuddering and Shaking When Pressing the Brake Pedal

You could have a warped rotor when the vehicle shudders and shakes when you apply the brakes. 

The brake pads wear on the rotor as you use them. The brake pads and rotors lose material every time you step on the brakes. 

The rotor could warp if it becomes too thin. You might feel the whole vehicle shuddering or feel it only in the brake pedal.

Brake Pedal Height

Most people tend not to notice that the brake pedal has more throw over time since it happens little by little. However, if the pedal goes more than halfway to the floor, it’s time to get the brakes checked at Little Wolf Automotive in Waupaca, WI.

Another way you can check to see if the brakes are low is to pull the emergency brake handle up (if you have the manual type). It’s time to get the brakes checked and possibly replaced if the handle comes up more than halfway.

Contact Little Wolf Automotive For Expert Brake Repair Services

Brakes by Little Wolf Auto in Waupaca, WI & Plover, WI. Closeup image of a mechanic's hand fixing a car brake.When it’s time for maintenance (including checking or replacing brakes and rotors), you can trust the experts at Little Wolf Automotive! Give us a call or fill out our appointment form, and we’ll get you in and out quickly.

We also provide excellent customer service. We’ll let you know whether you need new brakes.

We can also check the belts, hoses, tires, suspension, steering, and exhaust, top off the fluids, and rotate the tires while you’re here. You’ll know that your vehicle is in good condition and ready to go until the next checkup when you leave.

For all of your brake repair needs, contact us today by filling out this form. We are conveniently located at 323 S Western Ave, Waupaca, WI 54981.


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Kim Walker
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“Great place for a woman to take her car! I never feel stupid asking a question about my car! They are always kind, courteous, and always explain the problem or what they are going to do in a way I understand. Thank you Little Wolf Automotive.”
William Campbell
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"Friendly, fast, honest. Blew a brake line and was all fixed in one day. Have used their service in the past and will definitely go back."
Alexander LeClair
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“I brought my car in on a Monday morning and all of my concerns were addressed and the issues were fixed within a few hours. A welcoming storefront and excellent customer service. I’ll definitely be back!”
Martin Maciejewski
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“Outstanding service and a great peace of mind. Craig, was extremely friendly and helpful in organizing my service needs. My vehicle was towed in over a snowy weekend. Early on Monday, my vehicles malfunction was quickly diagnosed. Craig, provided a reasonable estimate for the required repair and amount of time needed to complete the service. I especially liked that he maintained communication along the way. Very impressed with the service I received. Highly recommend, Little Wolf Automotive for your vehicle’s service needs. Even though I live 45 minutes away, I will seriously consider them for my future service needs! Well done and thanks for getting me back on the road!”
Glenn Haroldson
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“My truck required significant drive train replacement, as well as other repairs. The job was completed in two days. I was provided a clean loaner vehicle to use. All staff, professional and courteous. The premises was neat and orderly. My truck now drives like it is new. Great job. I will be a return customer.”
Elizabeth Rathman
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“They took great care of me from the start!! I called to see when I could get in to have them look at my vehicle, based on what I told them they wanted me to bring it in right away. After they checked it out they didn’t want me driving it at all and arranged a loaner vehicle at no cost. They fixed my vehicle as soon as they got the part and called me right away. The only thing I didn’t care much for at first was the higher cost than other places, but to me their excellent customer service, making me feel safe, and taking great care of me they are worth it!!”
Benjamin Olson
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“They have always been honest with me and have never pushed for any unnecessary premium. In fact, more times they tried to save me money even to go so far as to recommend other capable services (which is unheard of if it means they lose business). I always go back to little wolf because they are respectful and experienced. Having to spend money on your car (especially to fix it) sucks. But, if you have to (and you will), choose Little Wolf because they make it suck less.”
Maggie Leonhardt
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“Kind, knowledgeable, respectful, honest, quick service! They are the only place I'll ever go from here on out.”
Dan Loken
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“Little Wolf Automotive is by far the top auto-care service center in all of central Wisconsin. Their quick and courteous service is only surpassed by their expertise in taking care of your auto.”
Casey Diemel
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“Called for a quote to get some suspension work done on my truck, Donny called back within 10 minutes with the quote and was able to get the truck in the next day. They had the work done within 24 hours of calling for the quote. Very impressed!!! And the bill was less than what they had quoted for the work.”
Kellie Faskell
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“Scott and his crew are number one in customer service!! They always go over and above, and that's why I continue to keep giving them my business. They are upfront and honest.... That's not easy to find anymore. Highly recommend little Wolf automotive!”