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Do New Tires Improve Fuel Efficiency?

Putting new tires on your vehicle could increase fuel mileage depending on the type of tire and the amount of tread wear. If the tread is worn, it could affect fuel economy and also make the tires dangerous. 

Contact Little Wolf Automotive in Waupaca, WI for tire sales and services if you need new tires or tire repair. We’ll even check the tires if you drive up on your way past our express lube in Waupaca, WI.

Change to Low Rolling Resistance Tires

Does Using a New Tire Improve Fuel Efficiency? | Little Wolf Automotive in Waupaca, WI. Image of a dashboard sign indicating full fuel tank.

Certain vehicles will do well with low rolling resistance tires. While you do give up some handling benefits, if you do not do a lot of highway driving, changing to low rolling resistance tires could help with gas mileage. 

If you’re not sure whether your vehicle should have low rolling resistance tires, contact Little Wolf Automotive in Waupaca. WI. We’ll help you pick out the best new tires for your driving habits and situation.

Proper Tire Pressure for Better Fuel Economy

If you allow the tire pressure to get too low, it can decrease fuel economy. It also causes excessive wear on the outside edges of the tread. 

Moreover, if you continue to drive on tires with too little air pressure, the heat the tires generate from the extra resistance on the road could cause a tire to blowout.

On the contrary, too much air pressure produces less resistance. But the tires will wear out in the center, and you’ll have the extra problem of less traction. 

When tires have too much air pressure, the entire tread is not touching the ground. You could end up wrecking if the tires do not have enough traction.

Tire Size and Level of Tread

The smaller the tire, the better the fuel economy because you have less weight in the rims. If the vehicle is small enough, you could switch the steel rims for alloy or aluminum rims. These metals are lighter, so you’ll get better gas mileage.

Tire treads also affect fuel economy. Racecar drivers use tires with no tread because the tires have less resistance on the road. However, you can’t drive on the street with no tread on the tires. 

You can change big knobby mud-and-snow tires to summer tires with lower profile tread. If you do, you’ll have to switch back to all-season or mud-and-snow tires before the first snow hits Waupaca, WI.

Contact Little Wolf Automotive in Waupaca, WI for Tire Services

If you need tire repairs or new tires, or you want to discuss the best tires for your driving habits and fuel economy, stop by Little Wolf Express Lube in Waupaca, WI. We are located at 225 S Western Ave, Waupaca, WI 54981. 

You can also call us at 715-258-0200 or fill out this form for an appointment.