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All-Season Tires vs. Summer/Winter Tires: Which is Better?

Choosing the proper tires depends on where you drive. 

Some people prefer all-season tires, so they don’t have to change them twice per year.

Others prefer summer tires by spring, then swap to winter tires by fall, and vice-versa. 

Regardless of your choice, Little Wolf Express Lube in Plover, WI can help you change tires or mount and balance new tires.

Pros and Cons of Summer and Winter Tires

All-Season vs. Summer/Winter Tires | Little Wolf Express Lube in Plover, WI. Image of a man leaning on his luxury car under the sun.

The biggest pro of swapping out summer and winter tires is that you have a snow tire that has the best performance in the snow

Snow tires have a different tread pattern that pushes snow and slush out of the tread. Snow and slush don’t pack up and cause you to slide over the road. Snow tires also have sipes, which are designed to grab slippery surfaces.

Summer tires are made from a softer rubber. They tend to wear out faster, but they have a better grip on the roads. The tread blocks are bigger, which means more grip even in the rain.

The biggest con of swapping out summer and winter tires is…swapping them out. 

You have to pick the right time of year. You do not want to swap out too early in the fall and wear out the winter tires, especially if you drive on gravel roads. If you wait too long, you’ll end up driving in the first snow of the season with summer tires and won’t have any traction.

Same in the spring. If you change the tires too soon, you could be stuck in a snowstorm with summer tires. Too late, and you risk damaging the winter tires.

If you choose to swap tires each season, Little Wolf Express Lube can switch the tires and have you back on the road quickly.

Pros and Cons of All-Season Tires

The best part of all-season tires? You don’t have to remember to swap them every year. All-season tires have good handling in all seasons but are not the best for each season, especially when the treads are worn.

If you drive on gravel roads or go off-roading, all-season or mud-and-snow tires are the better choices. The rubber is stiffer. The tires last longer than winter or summer tires. However, you don’t get as much traction in the rain or snow.

There is no correct answer when choosing summer/winter or all-season tires. It depends on your driving habits, how much you drive, and where you drive. 

Those who drive on gravel and other rough roads are probably better off with all-season tires—they’ll last longer. Those who travel in the winter might benefit more from swapping winter and summer tires.

Regardless of your choice, Little Wolf Express Lube in Plover, WI can help you swap your tires or get new tires. We also mount, balance, and rotate tires

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