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4 Reasons Why Tire Service Is Especially Important In The Winter Months

Tire service performed by a qualified mechanic is critical in the winter months as the roads are that much slicker and treacherous.  Even if your tires look like they have considerable tread and haven’t caused you problems in prior seasons, it is in your interest and that of everyone who rides in your vehicle to have your tires serviced by Little Wolf Auto in Waupaca WI.  Here’s why.

The Proper Tire Alignment and Balancing is Essential for Winter Safety

4 Reasons why Tire Service is Especially Important in the Winter Months with Little Wolf Automotive in Waupaca, WI; closeup image of LW owner Scott holding tire to show client

If your tires are not correctly aligned and balanced, controlling the vehicle on the slick winter roads will be much more challenging.  Balancing and alignment are fundamental to safe winter driving as the rubber that comprises the tires will be that much more rigid when the temperatures dip down low. 

Tires that are correctly balanced and aligned allow for a wider section of the tire to touch the road.  This expanded connection ensures the tires wear evenly.  Bring your vehicle to Little Wolf Auto for mechanic tire service. We will perform pre-winter or mid-winter service, including rotation that prolongs the useful life of your vehicle’s tires.

Tire Pliability

The warm temperatures in the summer make it easier for tires to remain pliable, but they cannot grip the road nearly as well when the temperatures decrease. If you have all-season tires, they will prove stiffer than winter tires. Winter tires’ comparably soft rubber makes it easier to hold onto the road even when the temperatures are low. 

If you need your tires changed to accommodate the winter season, our team is at your service.  We also check the tire tread depth on winter tires to guarantee there is sufficient tread available to properly grip the road throughout the entirety of the winter, setting the stage for a seamless transition to spring.

Tire Tread

Tire tread determines how well your vehicle’s tires stick to the surface of the road.  If your tire tread depth is not at the right level, you will find your vehicle slipping and sliding on snow and ice-covered roads.  The Department of Transportation (DOT) recommends the following in terms of tire tread depth:

  • A minimum of 4/32nds for the front tires
  • A minimum of 2/32nds for rear tires
  • During the winter months, your tires should be 6/32nds or better for maximum traction and a safe stopping distance 

You don’t have to monitor your vehicle’s tire tread depth on your own throughout the entirety of winter.  Our auto mechanics are here to closely analyze the tread depth on each of your four tires to ensure you can hit the road in complete confidence.

The Right Tire Inflation can Save Your Life

Underinflated tires do not stop the vehicle as quickly as necessary to prevent accidents.  Alternatively, overinflated tires have the potential to puncture and burst that much more easily.  Your tires must be inflated to the right level to bring your ride to a complete stop within a reasonable amount of time and keep everyone inside safe. 

Instead of constantly checking your tires’ PSI, bring your vehicle to Little Wolf Auto in Waupaca, WI, for full tire service.   We will review your tire pressure levels, refill your tires with air if necessary, and gauge your tires’ integrity, so you know if additional maintenance is needed.

Contact Little Wolf Automotive for Service

Our tire maintenance and repair experts are here to bring out the best in your ride.  Reach out to our mechanics to schedule tire services today.  You can contact us by phone at (715) 258-0200 or reach us by completing our online contact form.