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Your Car's New Year Resolutions

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to get in shape. From your car’s perspective, it could benefit from the same. Just like a healthy body feels better, a well-cared-for vehicle runs more smoothly.

Here are your car’s top New Year’s resolutions!

Get Oil Changes On Time

Your Car's New Year Resolutions Little Wolf Auto, Waupaca Wi.

This year, make a resolution to have your vehicle’s oil changed on time, every time. Many people forget about car care until something goes wrong or one of their dashboard lights come on. However, by delaying oil changes and other routine maintenance, you’re actually shaving years off your car’s lifespan.

When you have your oil changed, immediately book your next service. Write it down on your calendar and set a reminder closer to the time of your appointment. Once you get in the habit of doing this, being proactive instead of reactive about your car care will be easier and eventually may become second nature. At Little Wolf Auto, we will be happy to help you keep on schedule!

Check and Replace Fluids Frequently

Usually, when your oil is changed, the auto repair technicians will also check and replace your car’s fluids at the same time. However, you may need to do this yourself in between service appointments. Check your oil, power steering fluid, washer fluid, and transmission fluid at least every few weeks. 

We highly recommend having one of our experienced mechanics topping off any fluids as needed. Putting the wrong fluid type will cause more problems in the future.

Keep Tires In Good Condition

Your tires are quite literally where the rubber meets the road and if they’re not in good condition, your risk of getting a flat or even being involved in a car accident is higher. Have your tires balanced, rotated, and replaced as recommended by your vehicle manufacturer. Consider investing in winter snow tires that have been designed to provide better traction on ice and snow.

Check your tire pressure often when you put gas in your car and make sure that your tires have the manufacturer-recommended amount of air pressure in them. Add or remove air as needed.

Don’t Delay Auto Repair

A significant cause of auto repairs that require extensive work are issues that started out small but got worse over time when they weren’t fixed right away. For example, if your brakes start to squeal, it’s critical to get your brake pads replaced as quickly as possible. If you don’t and you continue to wear down the pads, eventually they will disintegrate and you will be left with metal grinding against metal.

Depending on the extent of the damage done, you may also need to replace your rotors; a costly repair that could have been prevented. Avoid delaying auto repair when at all possible and never drive your vehicle if you suspect that there are issues with your car that need to be addressed.

Get Complete Car Care in Waupaca, WI From Little Wolf Auto

Little Wolf Auto is proud to offer comprehensive car care, tire services, and vehicle service in Waupaca, WI and surrounding areas. Our experienced mechanics and auto technicians are available now to provide you with friendly, trustworthy service, no matter what repairs your vehicle needs. Contact us today to schedule your auto repair appointment.