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Tire Services and Maintenance to Ensure a Safety Rides

When driving, your tires are the most important part of your vehicle. They not only make it possible for you to get from one place to another – with the help of the engine and brakes – but they are the only thing between your vehicle and the road. If a tire goes flat or a wheel falls off, you go nowhere. They also keep you safe as long as you keep up with tire maintenance. Proper air pressure and good tread help the steering and suspension keep the vehicle on the road. Little Wolf Automotive in Plover WI provides tire services and tire maintenance to help keep your tires in good shape.

Ways You Can Check the Tires

You can keep an eye on your vehicle’s tires by checking the tread at least once per month. Look for:

Choosing the right tires and tire maintenance | Little Wolf Plover

Types of Tread Wear

Treadwear is easy to see. Turn the front tires all the way to the side. If you see any uneven wear, bring your vehicle to Little Wolf Auto in Plover WI to rectify the problem.

  • Wear in the center only tells you the tires have too much air pressure. Using a pressure gauge, let some air out. You can find the proper tire pressure on the sidewall, marked as “p.s.i.”
  • Wear on both outer edges tells you the tires do not have enough air pressure. Air up the tires to the proper pressure.
  • Scalopping all over the tread signifies a problem with the suspension or alignment.
  • Wear on one side of the tire signifies a problem with the suspension or alignment.

Separated Tires

If you feel shaking in the steering wheel at low speeds – usually around 5 mph, you may have a separated tire. Look for a bulge – like an air bubble – on the sidewall of the tire. The tire could blow at any time, so this is a time when you should bring your vehicle to Little Wolf Auto in Plover WI as quickly as possible.

Air Pressure

You can purchase an inexpensive tire gauge at any auto parts store. Check the air in the tires once per month. Look for the proper pressure on the sidewall of the tire. If it calls for 35 p.s.i., air up the tires to 32 p.s.i., as the air increases pressure as it heats up while driving.

Tire Balancing

If you notice the steering wheel shaking at a certain speed – usually 55 to 65 mph, one or more tires might be out of balance. Bring your vehicle to Little Wolf Automotive in Plover WI to balance the tires.

Tire Maintenance and Tire Services at Little Wolf Automotive in Plover WI

At Little Wolf Automotive, we can take care of all your tire needs, including rotating and balancing the tires, checking the air pressure, and checking for problems with the alignment and suspension.

You should rotate the tires every time you go in for an oil change – about every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. Because the suspension and the road are not perfectly even, each tire wears differently. Rotating them keeps one tire from wearing out faster than the others.

As for balancing the tires, you can do it once per year unless you believe you lost a weight and one of the tires is not balanced. You can cause weights to pop off if you rub against a curb or hit a pothole hard enough.

Choosing the Right Tires

When it’s time for new tires – usually every six years – you want to get the right tires for your vehicle. Not all tires are the same. You might decide to swap winter and summer tires, especially if you drive on roads that might not get the same treatment during the winter as city roads. If you rarely leave the city, all-season tires might be best.

If you drive a sports car, speed-rated tires may be better. Your tire technician at Little Wolf Automotive in Plover WI can help you choose the best tires for your vehicle.

Contact Little Wolf Automotive

If you need help checking your vehicle’s tires, including the air pressure, stop by our Plover WI shop, and we’ll check them for you. If you notice problems with the tires, call for an appointment so we can diagnose the problem. And if you need new tires or an alignment, contact us at (715) 883-5111 for an appointment. While you normally don’t need an appointment, if you call ahead, we can make sure we have tires to fit your vehicle in stock. We are conveniently located at 2550 Plover Rd, Plover, WI, 54467.