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Is Your Engine Making a Dreadful Knocking Sound?

Cars have the potential to make a symphony of sounds that leave you wondering if something has gone awry. The worst of them all? Engine rod knock, for sure. When you hear this dreadful noise, you just know that it’s time to get to your trusted Waupaca WI auto repair shop quickly. Otherwise, you could end up stranded on the side of the road with a blown engine. If you’d like to avoid that scenario, use this guide to learn what you need to know about engine rod knock and how to get it fixed. 

What is Rod Knock? 

Engine rod knock is a sound that occurs as the bearings wear out on one or more connecting rods. As you put hundreds of thousands of miles on your engine, the rod bearings wear more and more, resulting in poor lubrication through the oil galleries.

Engine service at Little Wolf Automotive image of back of mechanic holding hose of engine on ford vehicle in shop with hood open

When that occurs, the rods tap against the crankshaft as it turns, resulting in a light tapping sound. When caused by worn rod bearings, the noise will speed up alongside your engine RPMs and won’t go away once the engine warms up. 

Although high mileage cars have the highest risk of developing a wicked rod knock, it can also happen prematurely due to a sudden loss of oil pressure. Regular oil changes can help prevent that from happening by keeping the oil pump clean and well-lubricated.


Best Way to Fix Engine Rod Knock

Unfortunately, there’s no quick fix for engine rod knock. You’ll need to have your mechanic perform an engine rebuild and replace the connecting rod bearings. While they’re in there, it often makes sense to replace the other worn or damaged bearings, seals, and other vital components. Once that’s done, you’ll likely get several more years of life out of your vehicle, especially if you keep up with maintenance along the way.


Can Thicker Oil Stop Rod Knock? 

Although thicker oil can quiet down the rod knock, it’s not a great solution overall. If you keep driving with bad bearings, you run the risk of getting a spun bearing. If that occurs, the bearing could ruin the rod and damage the crankshaft, resulting in the need for a whole new engine. 

To avoid that, you need to simply get down to your trusted Waupaca WI auto repair shop immediately upon noticing tapping noises from your engine. Your mechanic will perform an inspection and key diagnostic steps to determine the cause and let you know how to best proceed.


Need Engine Rebuild Services in Waupaca WI? Call to Schedule a Visit 

If you’re hearing knocking noises coming from your engine, call 715-258-0200 to reach our team at Little Wolf Auto. We also welcome you to schedule your visit online by simply filling out our form. Once you get into the shop, your mechanic will look at your car to see what’s going on and let you know their repair recommendations. You can then decide if you’d like to move forward with the recommended services at our Waupaca WI auto repair shop.