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How Tire Rotation is Done

Tire rotation is a big part of tire maintenance. By reducing the most extensive pressure and wear on one tire, tire rotation adds longevity to all your tires. It is usually done by switching positions of tires, for example, the front tire with a rear tire. 

Common Tire Rotation Patterns

However, you can’t just move one tire to another place. There are tire rotation patterns specific to the type of vehicle you have and the type of your vehicle’s tires.

How Tire Rotation is Done | Little Wolf Automotive in Plover, WI. Image of mechanic preparing to remove the front tire and place it in another wheel position.
  • Rearward cross pattern: For four-wheel, all-wheel, and rear-wheel drive vehicles. The technician moves the rear tires to the front on the same side of the vehicle. He then moves the front to the rear, putting the left front on the right rear, and the right front on the left rear.
  • X-pattern: Front-wheel drive vehicles use this pattern. The right front is switched with the left rear, and the left front is exchanged with the right rear tire.
  • Forward cross pattern: Commonly used for front-wheel drive vehicles. Technicians move the front left tire to the rear left and the front right to the rear right. The rear left tire is then moved to the front right and the right rear tire to the left front. 

Tire Rotation for Non-Directional Tires of Uniform Size with a Full-Size Spare

It’s also a good idea to rotate the spare tire if it’s a full-size tire. 

For rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive vehicles: 

  • Move both rear tires to the front axles. 
  • Put the spare on the right rear. 
  • Move the right front to the left rear. 
  • The left front is the new spare.

On front-wheel drive vehicles: 

  • Move the left rear to the right front. 
  • The right rear is to the left front. 
  • The right front becomes the new spare. 
  • The old spare goes on the right rear. 
  • The left front moves to the left rear axle.

High-Performance and Directional Tires

If the front has different-sized tires than the rear, swap the left front with the right front and the left rear with the right rear.

If the tires are directional (with a tread pattern for rotating in one direction only), swap the right front with the right rear and the left front with the left rear.

Contact Little Wolf Automotive For Tire Rotation and Other Tire Services in Plover, WI

The best time to rotate the tires is when you get an oil change. Most manufacturers recommend rotating the tires every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. When it’s time for tire rotation and other maintenance, Little Wolf Automotive in Plover, WI can help.

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