Fast Vehicle Maintenance with Quality Parts and Service in Antigo, WI

As the odometer clicks off another mile, you glance up at the sticker in the window and roll your eyes. It’s time for an oil change.

Then your mind goes to other maintenance, and you know it’s been a while.

Getting maintenance on your vehicle always seems to take forever. It feels like a good chunk of your day is gone.

Even if you drop off the vehicle and go back later to pick it up, you’re spending an hour or so out of your day when you have a zillion other things to do.

With Little Wolf Express Lube in Antigo, WI, you can stop by at any time, and we’ll have you in and out in no time.

Fast Vehicle Maintenance with Quality Parts and Service by Little Wolf in Antigo, WI. Image of a car mechanic working on a car.

Quick and Friendly Maintenance at Little Wolf Express Lube Antigo

When most people think of an express lube, they think of oil changes. Little Wolf Express Lube in Antigo, WI does much more than oil changes.

We understand that bringing your vehicle in for maintenance is a pain. We want to make customer service and getting the best parts less painful.

Some of the services we provide at our express lube include:

Changing Filters

Your vehicle needs to breathe, and it needs clean fluids. We change:


We can balance and rotate tires at the express lube location.

While rotating the tires, we also check tread wear. This is to ensure that the vehicle does not have an alignment or suspension problem, or it doesn’t need new tires.


We can do most tune-ups at the Little Wolf Express Lube in Antigo. However, more complicated tune-ups need to go to the main shop.

Fluid Flushes

Flushing the fluids ensures that we get all of the old out before putting fresh fluid in. We can:

  • Flush the transmission fluid and change the filter
  • Flush the coolant


When it’s time to change the battery, stop by Little Wolf Express Lube in Antigo. We’ll get the old one out and install a new battery in no time. We can even replace some alternators at the express lube location.

Air Conditioning

When the air conditioning just won’t get cold enough, you might have a leak, or a portion of the refrigerant leaked out through attrition.

Stop by when you get a minute—you don’t need an appointment—and we can top off the refrigerant for you.

Service Engine Soon Light

That pesky yellow light is on again. It’s always best to pull the codes and figure out what is wrong as soon as possible.

The check engine light is the electronic control module telling you that something is not right with one of the sensors or the air-to-fuel mixture. We can get you in and read the codes in no time.

Visit Little Wolf Express Lube in Antigo

When you need maintenance or diagnostics for your vehicle, stop by Little Wolf Express Lube in Antigo. We’ll get the maintenance done as quickly as possible and have you back on the road again. All with a smile and quality parts.