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Top Services to Do During Fall Car Care Month

With temperatures starting to fall in Waupaca, WI, it’s time to get your car ready for the chilly weather. Well-known as fall car care month, October is the perfect time to do that – and our team at Little Wolf Auto is here to help. With a trip to our auto repair shop, you can quickly get your car ready for autumn driving conditions. Depending on the preventative maintenance needs of your vehicle, our techs will likely need to complete the following services during your visit.


When your windshield wipers wear out, the rubber leaves behind a mess of rainwater and smears around the debris. Frequently, their sad attempt at clearing your windshield just makes it even harder to see, especially when the rain comes down hard and fast. To avoid all that, you can get your wipers replaced at the start of the fall season and again in spring. Your mechanic will also fill up your windshield washer fluid at that time so that you can maintain a clear view of the road ahead.

Top Services to Do During Fall Car Care Month in Waupaca Wi with Little Wolf Automotive; image of the rear of an SUV driving in the autumn with leaves on the road


As rain starts to fall, your tires need to have enough tread to evacuate water while maintaining a good grip on the road. Otherwise, you could fishtail while accelerating, have trouble stopping, and hydroplane over puddles. Thankfully, it’s easy to avoid all that by having your tires inspected and replaced when they reach their service limits. Just don’t forget to have your tires rotated and aligned to get the most life out of every set.


When driving in wet weather, you’ll likely notice a marked decrease in your car’s stopping power. If your brakes are worn or otherwise compromised, you might even have trouble stopping in time, leading to seriously dicey situations. With help from your Waupaca, WI auto repair team, you can avoid dangerous driving situations by having your brakes inspected at the start of the season. We will measure your brake rotors and pads to see if they’re in spec and let you know if any services are due.


To keep your car’s heater working on demand, have it checked before the cold weather arrives. As your trusted auto tech, we can test the function of the heating system to verify that it heats up thoroughly and blows warm air out of all the vents. If we find anything wrong, you’ll still have plenty of time to get it fixed before you need to turn up the heat. Fixing the problem may involve replacing the heater core, repairing the cooling system, or adjusting the blend door.

Need Auto Repair in Waupaca, WI?

When you need auto repair in Waupaca, WI, all you have to do is call 715-258-0200 to reach our team at Little Wolf Auto. We’ll help you find a fantastic time to swing by and get your fall car care tasks out of the way for the season. Our team will also make sure to complete all your factory-recommended maintenance that’s due to get your car fixed up right. You can then head out on all your travels with confidence that you’re ready for whatever driving conditions come your way.