How Do You Know If You Need New Tires?

Many drivers in Plover, WI do not give their tires a second thought when they jump into the car. However, it’s good practice to at least glance at the tires. 

Always check them for punctures and dry rot before long trips. Check the air pressure. Bad tires could blow out, causing an accident. 

If you are not comfortable checking the tires because you don’t know what to look for, bring your vehicle to Little Wolf Automotive Express Lube in Plover, WI. Our tire services mechanic will check them for you.

Signs Your Vehicle Needs New Tires in Plover, WI

1. Low Air Pressure

Newer vehicles make checking the tire pressure easy—just check the tire pressure sensor function on the dash. However, the caveat is that it is a computer and can malfunction. 

You should manually check the air pressure at least once every six months. If you notice a slow leak, you might have a nail in the tire, a leaky valve stem, or dry rotted tires. 

If you can’t find the problem, Little Wolf Automotive in Plover, WI can diagnose the issue and repair or replace the tire.

How Do You Know If You Need New Tires? | Little Wolf Automotive in Plover, WI. Image of a tires salesman helping a female customer choose new tires.

2. Low Tire Tread

Tires with a low tread do not give you enough traction, especially in the rain or snow. They could even lose traction on dry roads. 

You can check the tread by inserting a penny with Lincoln’s head pointing down. If the tread covers the top of Lincoln’s head, the tire has enough tread. 

If you can see the top, the tire has less than 2/32 of an inch of tread. It is past time to replace the tires. Contact Little Wolf Automotive in Plover, WI for new tires.

3. Dry Rotted and Cracked Tires

If you don’t drive your vehicle often, the tires can dry rot before the tread wears out. Dry rot shows up as small cracks all over the tire, especially on the sidewalls. 

If a tire has a large crack, you might have hit a curb or even a pothole a little too hard. Whether the cracks are small or large, you can count on the tires blowing out sooner or later. 

Contact Little Wolf Automotive in Plover, WI for tire sales and installation.

4. Uneven Tread Wear on Tires

If the tires have uneven tread wear, it could mean a minor alignment issue or a problem with the suspension. If the tires wear too much on one side, you risk a blowout.

Several types of tire wear exist:

  • Wear in the middle only: The tire has too much air pressure. Correct the pressure by letting some air out.
  • Wearing evenly on both edges of the tire: The tire has too little air pressure. Add air.
  • Feathering: This usually indicates a problem with the suspension.
  • Wear on one side of the tire: This could indicate a minor alignment problem (sometimes from hitting a pothole) or signify a suspension problem.


Little Wolf Automotive in Plover, WI can diagnose the problem and make tire repairs. If the wear on the tire is not too bad, we can balance and rotate the tires after we repair the problem.

Little Wolf Automotive in Plover, WI Offers Tire Services and Replacement

If you notice problems with your tires, contact Little Wolf Automotive in Plover, WI. Our technicians will check the tires to determine the problem and recommend suspension repair, tire repair, or tire replacement.

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