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4 Tips for a Cooler Car This Summer

Keeping your engine cool in the summer heat helps keep it from overheating. This is the task delegated to your radiator and other parts of the cooling system.

Engines are housed in either aluminum heads or cast iron blocks, two metals that expand at different temperatures. The difference in property can lead to a blown head gasket and other engine damage.

Using your car AC requires energy, which can make your engine work harder. Thus, you need to ensure it is also working properly.

Fortunately, Little Wolf Automotive in Waupaca, WI repairs and maintains car AC, radiator, and other components of your car’s cooling systems

Let’s look at four tips to keep your car cool this summer.

4 Tips for a Cooler Car This Summer | Little Wolf Automotove in Waupaca, WI. Image of overrated car engine. Concept image of cooling system repair and maintenance, including radiator and car AC.

1. Check Belts and Hoses.

The belts and hoses are imperative to keeping the engine cool. 

Most vehicles use one long serpentine belt to turn the accessories, including the water pump. Some vehicles include the water pump inside the timing belt cover. Other vehicles, usually the older ones, use V-belts or a combination of V-belts and serpentine belts to turn the accessories. 

Hoses carry the water from the radiator to the engine. Other hoses carry the water through the entire cooling and heating system, including the heater core. When a hose leaks, it drains the water from the cooling system, which can cause the engine to overheat. 

Little Wolf Automotive in Waupaca, WI can check the belts and hoses to see if they need replacing. Moreover, the belts should be checked for dry rot, cracks, hardness, and tension.

2. Check the Water Pump and Radiator.

Two common places for coolant leaks are the water pump and the radiator. 

The water pump becomes worn as you put mileage on it. 

The radiator can develop a leak from a patch of rust, road debris that flies up and hits it, or other reasons. A radiator can also become clogged. 

Let our mechanics at Waupaca, WI check your cooling system, including the water pump, thermostat, and radiator. They will also replace components if necessary, particularly water pump replacement and repair.

3. Top off the Coolant.

Always check the coolant when the vehicle is cool. If the coolant is low, it could cause the vehicle to overheat and significantly damage the engine. 

Little Wolf Automotive can perform maintenance on your cooling system, including flushing the coolant and refilling the radiator with fresh coolant.

4. Observe Car AC Maintenance and Repair.

When the air conditioning system is not running properly, it asks for more energy from the engine, decreasing horsepower and fuel economy. It could also cause the vehicle to run hotter since the engine works harder. 

Your car AC must be maintained and repaired (if something’s damaged) to ensure it is in optimum condition.

Contact Little Wolf Automotive to Keep Your Cooling System Working Well This Summer

We at Little Wolf Automotive in Waupaca, WI recommend checking the heating and cooling systems in spring and fall. This ensures everything is working properly and you have the correct amount of car AC refrigerant. We also provide other repairs if something is not working.

Fill out this form or call us at (715) 258-0200 if you need cooling systems and car AC repairs. Our full-service shop is at 323 S Western Ave, Waupaca, WI 54981.